Lighting Consulting Services

Blue Print Take-Offs – Seventy-two hours to turn around your budget and plan counts.

Submittal Guides – Custom Guides with your type identified Specification Quality Control.

Stock Planning – Projecting based on Client Specific Building Plans broken down by direct coordination with fixture producers for quarter and roll-out.

Dedicated Account Management Team – Each account has a designated team to oversee the account and help out with order support, warranty and returns claims. We make sure lead times are held per project (Quotes Estimator, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, National Account Representative)

Planning and Logistics Management – Labeling, palletizing and packaging of product before it’s sent out for delivery to ensure all materials are explained. We offer logistical shipping coordination consulting to make sure delivery is on time.

Technical Field Support – Experienced and competent workforce to help sort outfield problems.

We provide a variety of services managed by devoted account crews that cover the entire scope of lighting projects from technical support, logistics management, and inventory planning to submittal guides and print takeoffs in the field. Discover how we can assist you with your next project.